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Sorority Recruitment Outfit Guide July 19 2015, 0 Comments

You're moving away from your parents, worried about fitting everything you need into a tiny dorm room, and stressed about making your first semester class schedule.  The last thing you need to do is add on to your anxiety about what to wear during the sorority recruitment process. With so many rounds and events it can be confusing for girls to know what exactly to wear during recruitment. So, we have put together a simple guide with everything you need from round one all the way to Bid Day!

Round 1: Open House

You will be doing a meet and greet with members from each sorority. For this first round, wear a fun printed or bright colored sun dress.  This is your first chance to make an impression. You want to stand out, but still look classy.

Model Behavior Dress

Round 2: Philanthropy Day

You will be listening to each sorority talk about the charities and non profit organizations they help fundraise for and represent. A romper is a great way to show your personal style during this round while still looking presentable and respectful.

Heatwave Romper

Round 3: House Tours

Wear a nice and modest dress for this round and remember you are a guest in these homes. Be sure to wear comfortable sandals. You will be doing alot of standing and walking while touring the houses.

Lasting Impression Dress

Round 4: Pref Night

This is the most formal and important round of recruitment. It is your last chance to make an impression. Wear a nice dress and a pair of heels you can walk in. Also, break out the jewels during this round. Try a simple statement necklace to add something extra while still keeping a clean look.

Pref Night Dress

Bid Day

Its time to relax and celebrate! Wear a simple tank and a playful pair of light weight pants or shorts. Once you receive your bid you will get a t-shirt from your new sorority sisters to wear.

The Good Life Pants

Good luck and remember to have a great time while being true to yourself! Happy Recruitment!

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2014 Spring Trends- Closet Essentials May 19 2014, 0 Comments

Are you tired of cold winter weather and piling on tons of layers? Us too! We recently got back from a market trip to buy our spring collection and we could not be more excited!

Before our first spring items arrive, we want all of our customers to know just what you need in your closet this season.  After reading up on fashion magazines, studying runway collections, and talking with designers at market, we were able to create a list with the top ten must have items and trends for this spring!


Closet essentials for spring:

1. Pastels- From minty green to soft lavender, no light hues are off limit

2. Wide Leg Trousers- These super chic pants will lengthen your frame and are easy to wear

3. Crop Tops- Show off your mid drift or pair with high waisted bottoms for a more modest look

4. Embellished Details- Jewels, hardware, feathers and more will give your items extra flare

5. Contrasting Collars- Give your work outfit a makeover with bold colored or embellished collars

6. Shift Blouses- This boxy silhouette is flattering to all body types and looks very sophisticated

7. Geometric Prints- Checkerboard and stripes are just a few prints giving items a mod vibe

8. Pleats- These pleats are no longer stiff and structured. You’ll see them in soft and flowy fabrics

9. Fringe- Inspired by Gatsby, fringe is not just for bohemian styles anymore

10. Florals- Bold and bright or dainty and soft, all floral prints give you a feminine look