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Motivational Printables for the New Year January 05 2015, 0 Comments

A new year brings a hope of change and a list of resolutions. We have put together our resolutions for the upcoming year and we hope they inspire you.  Each resolution comes with a free printable as well.  Save them as your wallpapers, print them out, or pin them to keep them fresh on your mind and motivate you to be the best you in 2015!

1. Stop Wishing, Start Doing.  Take a trip, start a blog, move to a different city, buy the shoes.  Do all the things you have been putting off and saying you will one day do. There is no time like the present, so live it up! 

2. Look Up More.  Take time to reflect and give thanks for all things in your life. Blessings surround you! 


3. I Will Not Compare Myself to Strangers On The Internet. Maybe she's born with it, but maybe it's an Instagram filter. Stop stalking your ex's new girlfriend or the girl with a million likes on her latest selfie. Concentrate on yourself, because being jealous doesn't make you any prettier!  

Here's to a new and happy year! Let's do this!