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Bride Guide April 07 2016, 2 Comments

The time between the engagement and wedding is filled with some of the most fun events of a girl's life.  However, with all these events comes the stress of trying to find the perfect outfit to wear to each one. 

Don't fear...we have you covered from your engagement party to your honeymoon!

Engagement Party- You need a classy dress that is on the formal side. Try our Pop the Champagne Dress.  The neutral color and high neck makes this a super classy look.

Bridal Shower- A simple white dress is great for your shower.  You need something easy to sit around in while you eat, play games, and open gifts.  Try our Laced With Grace Dress.  It is white, has lace, and a comfortable material.

Bachelorette Party- Your bachelorette party is all about you, so you need to make sure you stand out. A fun, bright color is sure to do the trick.  Try our A Thing Called Love Dress.  It is bright pink and flowy enough to allow you bust a move on the dance floor with your squad.

Rehearsal Dinner- A white dress is a must have for the bride for the rehearsal dinner.  The night is all about practicing for the big day, so you need something to ensure you look like a bride.  Try our Tie The Knot Dress.  It is elegant, white, and works for any setting including indoors, outdoors, and churches.

Honeymoon- When your wedding is over it is time to relax and celebrate! Your tropical vacation calls for a fun maxi.  Try our Island Fever Dress.  It is light weight for hot beach weather and this print gives off an island vibe.


How to Wear Stripes May 15 2014, 0 Comments

A popular trend found across all runway shows for Spring 2014 was stripes.  All types and styles of stripes were shown: skinny, bold, uneven, and head to toe.

Styling and wearing stripes can be intimidating. No one wants to look larger than they are or cartoonish. However, stripes can be very chic when worn the right way. Below are a few tips on how every girl can pull off stripes.

1. Vertical Stripes: Girls who are short or who want to make a certain area look smaller, should wear vertical stripes. These create a lengthening illusion. The long stripes cause the eyes to look upward and make your body appear long and lean.

2. Horizontal Stripes: Girls who are petite or wish to make a certain area look bigger, such as your bust, should wear horizontal stripes.  These stripes draw attention to the area and accentuate your curves.

3. Mixing Stripes: This is a tougher look to pull off, but it can be done the right way. Try finding a similarity in your two pieces to pull the look together.  Find two pieces that have similar colors, angles, or stripe widths.

Here at Truly Yours, we are falling in love with the stripe craze! Two of our newest arrivals are striped and gorgeous!

Our On The Veranda Dress has bold black and white stripes from head to toe and our Live For The Applause Dress has a mixture of striped detailing on the bust.


To Dye For- Chevron Maxi Dress May 15 2014, 0 Comments

We cannot believe April is already here and Easter is right around the corner! Whether going to an early morning church service, eating lunch with your family, or participating in fun Easter activities, we have the right dress for the occasion. One of our favorite maxis, The Egg Hunt Dress is perfect for the holiday! It has a beautiful combination of pastel colors and looks great paired with our light purple statement necklace.