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Southwestern Swag May 11 2014, 0 Comments



The southwestern trend is one that keeps hanging around. We have seen the trend transition from season to season. Each season brings a new twist of how to wear and style it.  The southwest print became popular in the fall through chunky knits and sweaters and now we are finding the print making its way into spring through layering with button downs, tees, and dresses. Try these style tips below to pull off the southwestern trend:

Southwestern Style Tip 1: Pendleton Patterns and Textiles

The Pendleton pattern is an essential of all southwestern looks.  It’s geometric shape can be found all over American Indian style items. This pattern is bold and looks great in classic earth tones and bright colors.  Try layering a Pendleton printed item with a solid chambray or nude top to balance out this strong look.  

Southwestern Style Tip 2:Feathers

Feathers are a great way to tie in the southwestern trend. Pull in the feather motif through fun accessories and jewelry.  Pair your chunky knits and layered pieces with a delicate feather necklace or add a few fun feathers to your favorite handbag.

Southwestern Style Tip 3: Turquoise and Silver Jewelry

Pair your bold textiles and prints with a combination of silver and turquoise jewelry to complete the southwestern trend. Turquoise has been a staple part of the Navajo culture for years.  The pairing of silver and turquoise gives a sort of authenticity to your look.  Add a turquoise cuff or beaded necklace to your look to add flawless style.  

Southwestern Style Tip 4: Fringe

Last but certainly not least, fringe can give almost any look a southwestern vibe.  Add on to your look with a fringed accessory.  Fridge boots were all over the fashion world in the fall. However, you can use fringe as a transition piece and wear it through spring too.  Finish off your southwestern look this spring with a fringe purse or sandals.

Check out all of our favorite Southwestern pieces below: