Fox Make Up Tutorial for Halloween October 29 2014, 0 Comments

Halloween is only hours away! Are you still scrambling for an easy costume to wear? Stop stressing and follow this tutorial to be the foxiest lady at the halloween party! This costume only requires a few pieces of make up, simple and neutral clothing, and ears made from construction paper. You can throw this one together in under 20 minutes!

For the clothes, we paired our Sunday Afternoon top with a pair of dark brown leggings. (ps. the most comfortable shirt ever!) Over the leggings we kept with the neutral colors and paired our dark brown, Walk the Walk Boots.

For the head band we cut out two sets of ears out of peachy colored paper and glued white pieces on the center. Then we took a sharpie and colored black on the tips to resemble fur.

Now on the to the make up:

1. On a clean face, apply a thin layer of your normal foundation to create a base layer.


2. Take a white eye pencil (we used NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk) and make multiple streaks on the bottom half of your face including your lips.

3. Take a make up brush and blend the steaks together to fill in the gaps and create a smooth white bottom half of your face.

4. Blend the white down the center of your neck.

5. Use a dark brown powder and blend it in with a brush on the top half of your face including your cheek bones, nose, and forehead. Make an emphasis around the bottom of your cheek bones to create a dramatic separation between the brown and white. We used the 6 Color Palette from bhcosmetics (ah-mazing palette for contouring and it's at a great price) but any dark foundation or powder will work!

6. Over your dark brown section, blend in an orange tinted eye shadow with a large brush to give a more realistic fox look. We used the Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow in Desert Festival. 

7. From the same Wet n Wild eyeshadow set, we used the center dark brown to define the nose.  With a small eyeshadow brush, create a line down each side of the nose starting from the edge of the eyebrows down to your nostril. 

8. We used this same color to create a smokey eye. With the same brush apply the dark brown eyeshadow on each eyelid.

9. Take an eye liner pen (we used NYX Two Timer Pencil in jet black) and create a line out from the inner corner of each eye, up into the crease.


10. Take the same liner and fill in the bottom of your nose, all the way around each nostril. Then, create a line from your nose to lip. Line your top lip and extend it out a little on each side.

11. Take the white eye pencil and line your inner lower eye lids. 

12. With the fine end of your eye liner, create small spots between your lips and nose. About 4-5 on each side works best. 


13. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes. We used Urban Decay's Perversion mascara.

 14. Blend in the dark powder down the sides of your neck to blend the entire look together. 



What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Leave us a comment below and let us know!