DIY Monogrammed Cuff June 29 2014, 0 Comments

For those who are obsessed with monograms, gold, or tortoise shell...this DIY project is calling your name! This is a fun, little, easy project that only requires a few minutes and couple supplies.  Our Raising Shell Cuff is darling just as it is, but this gives it just a little something extra!

The first step is to purchase a vinyl monogram set custom to your initials.  Our favorite is the three-letter monogram in an interlocking font, but you can customize it to suite your style! To fit on our Raising Shell Cuff, you need to make sure the monogram measures less than 1" in size.  We suggest purchasing the .77'' vinyl decal from Etsy shop Decal Monograms.  For only $4.75 you will get a set of three, which is great for if you happen to make a mistake while applying or just to have two extras!

Once you have your monogram decal and the cuff you are ready to complete the project.  Take the decal and peel off the backing.  Line the middle of your monogram with the middle of the cuff, apply the decal, and remove the covering.

Yes, It's that easy! 


If you try this project, send us your pictures! We love to see your photos!