Craving for Cut Outs May 12 2014, 0 Comments

One very popular trend this Spring is cut outs. You may have seen this trend referred to as the “peek-a-boo” trend. From the runway to red carpet, models and celebrities have been showing off little peeks of skin in all styles of dresses and tops. 

The cut out trend is great because it is easy to wear in a muted or daring way. Showing off little peeks of skin can be very chic and sophisticated if worn in the right way. If you want to go for a more modest look, you can choose cut outs with lined mesh or sheer material underneath. If you decide to go daring with the cut out trend, you can show bare skin under your cut outs. Just make sure not to show too much skin to ensure a classic look. 

This trend is also great because it can be worn on all body types.  These cut outs can be found on the shoulders, hips, waist, arms, or back. With strategic placement of the cut out, this trend can flatter all bodies.

Cut outs can give you a bold look this Spring and Summer and we have lots of options!